"Nguyen Charlie"
From the Pacific Edition of the
Stars & Stripes Newspaper
All cartoons courtesy of Corky Trinidad�

> Corky Trinidad's View / Spoof of a Routine Swift Boat Search

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The Vietnam conflict had its own version of Bill Mauldin's "Willy and Joe"

Cartoonist Corky Trinidad's daily contributions of "Nguyen Charlie" to the Pacific Edition of the Star & Stripes were so effective in portraying, with great humor, many of the daily experiences of soldiers, sailors and airmen during this time period and place that each edition of the paper was eagerly awaited by everyone in the region to check out the latest exploits of the NgetCong and their American protagonists. The cartoon strip made our own circumstances a little more bearable and cheerful. Swift Boat sailors were not immune to becoming fans of this cartoon.

So when it was "re-discovered" that Corky utilized Sand Pebble #45's hull number to poke fun at Swift Boat operations, it became almost mandatory that his series of strips addressing this aspect of the war be included as a prominent addendum to this web site.


It is felt important to make the following tongue-in-cheek caveat well understood:

All of the characters in the cartoons depicted here are completely fictional
Any resemblence to actual
SWIFT BOAT DUDES in sunglasses is purely




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