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Access to the Memorial

Prior to September 11, 2001 visitors to the Naval Amphibious Base in Coronado would be allowed on base specifically to see the Vietnam Unit Memorial Monument. Since that time, security has been at very high levels. Currently persons without a DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE ID CARD and a NAB CORONADO BASE STICKER on their vehicle must be escorted by someone who has both of these forms of identification.

Therefore ADVANCED ARRANGEMENTS MUST BE MADE when desiring to visit the Vietnam Unit Memorial Monument and/or any of the three "small boat displays." This may be done by contacting one of the below members of the sponsoring organizations:

San Diego Area Contact Information:

-- Vietnam Unit Memorial Monument:

Captain Ken McGhee, US Navy (Ret), VUMM President
Tel: (619) 464-4047 email:

-- Swift Boat Sailors Association:

Paul Murphy Tel: (619) 781-8483 email:
Bob Bolger Tel: (619) 421-3335 email:
Virg Erwin Tel: (619) 487-6183 email:
Tom Mason Tel: (858) 274-2745 email:
Lou Hahn Tel: (619) 423-5140 email:
Don Farrell Tel: (760)-633-1634  
John McKinley Tel: (619)-423-3227  
Ben Cueva Tel: (619)-235-0919  
John Howell Tel: (619) 697-8258  
Billy Ellis Tel: (619) 423-1227  
Bill Zondorak Tel: (619) 238-4212  

-- Mobile Riverine Force Association:

Charles Campbell Tel: (619) 272-6835 email:
Everett Jones Tel: (619) 421-3721 email:

-- Gamewardens of Vietnam:

Carl Fletcher Tel: (619) 427-4164 email:

These individuals are all volunteers. So as a courtesy to them, please allow sufficient advanced notification prior to your visit to allow adequate coordination.

Directions to the Naval Amphibious Base in Coronado

From northern San Diego, proceed south on Interstate 5 past Interstate 8 and on through the downtown "S" curve. Begin to get in the right lanes after passing the downtown area.  Take the Coronado Bridge exit and proceed across San Diego Bay on the bridge. There is no longer a toll for crossing the bridge.

As you exit the bridge on Coronado Island, you will be on 3rd Street. After the solid lane lines change to dashed lines begin to get in the left lane of this one-way street. Keep your speed down in Coronado (about 30 mph). Turn left on Orange Avenue and proceed south about two miles through the city. You will see the landmark Hotel Del Coronado on your right as you proceed through this quaint little beach community. After passing the Hotel Del Coronado proceed further south about three stop lights. You are on the Silver Strand (Highway 75). At the stop light immediately after the Rendova Road stop light you need to make a left across the divided highway to a frontage road in front of the Naval Amphibious Base.  Go south one block and turn left into the Main Gate of the base.  Tell the gate guard that you are there to visit the Vietnam Unit Memorial at CISM Field.

Proceed two streets to the east and turn right on Rendova.  Proceed south two streets to the intersection of Rendova and Tulagi.  The Memorial is on the Southeast corner of that intersection.  Park on the street or in the parking lots immediately adjacent to the Memorial and Small Boat Display if space is available.

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